Tuesdays with Corey: New Export Azure Resource Manager Template capabilities

Play Tuesdays with Corey: New Export Azure Resource Manager Template capabilities

The Discussion

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    I noticed this in the portal today for the first time. This is going to be a huge help. Good job!

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    Tuesdays with Corey is one of the highlights of my week. Always a great show and this one is no exception. Just one comment, the camera looks like it is hand-held. the image was moving around quite a bit. Almost made me sick. Can you use an image stabilizer or tripod by chance?

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    @RT1138: I'll take that feedback and make a budget request for some hardware. ;) we're lean and mean making these. I'll try to keep things more stable and keep on being a highlite of your week!

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    Great video, I have questions on customizations/content within these ad-hoc templates.

    How would this copy data disks on VM's that have different applications installed, etc.? Would it just create a blank attached data disk in a new storage account?

    Also, if a web deploy code package was used, and users manually uploaded HTML files via the FTP, do all of these customizations come over in the new template, or do they need to be redeployed?

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    This simply an Awesome feature, which was much required logically!!! Now waiting for the day when either MS or some partner will hook up resource groups with something like Visio (or an external tool like LucidChart or the likes) for automatically generating a visual representation like some AWS partner tools do. It will be good for us Cloud Architects community.

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