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Corey Sanders, Corporate VP - Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Kay Singh, Senior PM on the Azure compute team to talk about Managed Disks in Azure!  We're talkin' swapping the OS image, enhanced disk metrics and moving disks between Azure subscriptions.

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The Discussion

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    Its not windows, it was Linux. and when you swap OS disk of Ubuntu server we've to reset the password. :) I do this stuff alot of times. 

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    Can you elaborate more on the VNET move between subscriptions? It seemed like it was brushed off. Isn't that quite significant when transitioning to a new subscription?

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    Cant you just get on with it, with less messing around (please)

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    So how does the password change work?
    VM is up and so Azure has some way of injecting a password change into it via the 'integration services' ? for both Windows and Linux VM's?
    Maybe you have a video on that?

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