Clemri Steyn: Team Foundation Server for Everyone

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    Matt Ellen

    Thanks for the vid, Clemri and Dan. It's a very informative introduction to TFS.


    It hasn't made me want to switch from Git, though.


    TFS a great leap from Visual Source Safe. Well done.

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    Hmmm. The basic install "said" it was completed with no errors. However, I cannot connect VS2010 to it. Keeps timing out. What am I missing?

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    good features for that students

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    Edward C. Kirkman

    I ported 30 man years of work and then discovered TFS does not support VSS file sharing.

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    One of the best videos I've seen on Channel 9. This guy actual does the demos of what he talks about. Can't wait to move over from VSS!!

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    Great Video... great presenter. Keep it up Man

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    @Todd: Have you found a way around this problem? I'm facing the same problem.

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    Appa Rao

    what are the products( like VS Pro) included in VSTS

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    Maybe it didn't, but please check latest Plastic SCM 4.0... it will

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