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In this episode, Robert is joined by Merwan Hade for an update on what is new in the Visual Studio tooling for Azure Mobile Services. Merwan shows how to use Visual Studio to build a .NET Mobile Service using C# or Visual Basic. He also shows how to add push notifications to a Windows Store project that uses .NET Mobile Services and Notification Hubs (a common interface to send notifications to multiple platforms). Finally, he shows how to troubleshoot issues by sending test notifications and browsing device registrations from within Visual Studio.





The Discussion

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    Very nice! I had a talk yesterday on LIDNUG: "Azure Mobile Services Deep Dive".Aug 12, 2014 LIDNUG Azure Mobile Services Deep Dive - . This episode is a perfect addition.

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    Is it possible to run the mobile services site without azure?

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    @uxsoft: For debugging purposes yes. You could build something similar and host it on a local IIS server for example, or self-hosted using Katana. But it would be interesting to know why you want to do that.

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    Klaus Loeffelmann

    I'm also interested in getting an answer to that. In Germany, there are still resentments against Cloud-computing, and I see Mobile Services as a great tool not for the consumer market, but for connecting existing .NET solutions with the demands for mobile apps. So, onsite Mobile Services would be a wonderful thing for those who are not willing to move their company data to Azure, yet.

    In that context, I have a question: When running a Mobile Service for debugging purposes locally, how do you set up local IIS for HTTP*S*, since that is required if you want to keep your existing logon/authentication mechanism working?



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