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    Very nice! I had a talk yesterday on LIDNUG: "Azure Mobile Services Deep Dive".Aug 12, 2014 LIDNUG Azure Mobile Services Deep Dive - . This episode is a perfect addition.

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    Is it possible to run the mobile services site without azure?

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    @uxsoft: For debugging purposes yes. You could build something similar and host it on a local IIS server for example, or self-hosted using Katana. But it would be interesting to know why you want to do that.

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    Klaus Loeffelmann

    I'm also interested in getting an answer to that. In Germany, there are still resentments against Cloud-computing, and I see Mobile Services as a great tool not for the consumer market, but for connecting existing .NET solutions with the demands for mobile apps. So, onsite Mobile Services would be a wonderful thing for those who are not willing to move their company data to Azure, yet.

    In that context, I have a question: When running a Mobile Service for debugging purposes locally, how do you set up local IIS for HTTP*S*, since that is required if you want to keep your existing logon/authentication mechanism working?



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