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    That "resource leak" example is NOT a resource leak. Yes, you should have disposed of the stream object, but as written, after the method is finished the GC is free to collect and finalize that object at any point. In a GC language a resource leak only occurs when a reference to an object is held (possibly indirectly) longer than intended, such as with a static reference.
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    Effective static analyzers are always a good idea. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get it to work. In your video you don't bother explaining. I ended up with a bunch of tools (including Docker), all not working properly or complaining about things I feel unconcerned with. So after all I just wasted another prescious hours, gaining nothing. Why you did not mention how to put Infer# into production, appears quite strange to me. Wouldn't that be the first thing to expalin?

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    Looks amazing... however unable to find the steps for how to use it locally (VS IDE). It will be really helpful if some links or videos can be provided for reference.

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