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    tibebu tariku

    realy good but i need support how to know vb

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    Deactivated User

    wow. I remember the MS SAPI SDK that allowed working with the COM based speech recognition for MS Office and had other compatible engines like Dragon Naturally speaking.. I had used SAPI4 SDK with .net beta SDK in the 2002-2003 academic year for my diploma project Voice Commands Service. To showoff my technical prowess, at the broadest level I had shown Win32 API, .net (it was the newest buzz back then), and COM (for SAPI) working together. There was a Windows Service template in the .net SDK that I used alongwith COM interop based on samples, to launch another process on the interactive desktop. The idea was to make the Windows shell appear to "listen" for Start Menu items like Search and Accessories like notepad, paint and launch them by ShellExecuteEx.

    The caveats were:

    1. The Accessories were launched with System account as I would get kinda lost figuring out how interactive desktop could be serviced with correct user account and
    2. On restarting the service I'd have 2 instances of the listener process, as I never finished with the kill the previous listener part.

    I was unsatisfied but I had to study other coursework, and it did more than suffice for diploma and in some ways underappreciated..

    I am glad multimodal interactions are becoming mainstream finally.

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    Bill Graham

    I was playing this video on my speakers, and at one point, when you said "Hey Cortana," Cortana woke up on my computer and asked what she could do for me.

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    Why can't I search Micrsoft sites with Cortana? I tried to ask questions about SQL Server 2016 books online but Cortana couldn't find them.

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    Cortana kept launching on my machine every time you said Hey Cortana. lol

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    good presentation!!! (and from a french Canadian guy, go habs go ;) )
    how to debug the voicecommandservice?
    I'm not able to find this in VS2015.


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