Building Office and SharePoint Apps with "Napa" and Visual Studio

Play Building Office and SharePoint Apps with "Napa" and Visual Studio

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    Jamil Milhem

    Great world am interested..

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    With SPO 2013 and SPD 2013 it appears we have lost some design view development options. It's no longer so easy to create a Custom List forms and Dataview webparts and customize them. And SPO does not offer many options if like me you don't want to work in InfoPath.

    I'm playing with NAPA rigth now and wondering about it's limits.. looks very promising. Wondering.. without doing a to of manual coding, is NAPA a good option for building AppPart that can do this.

    Build smart and dynamic forms for a SharePoint Custom List (new, edit and display) that the developer has total edit control over. Change behavior of the forms enabling them to bind in other data sources and change the desitination pages on data insert or change? Can this custom AppPart be developed to so that changes to the list are automatically reflected in the developed forms?

    Is the above the best approach or should we be calling the stock newform.aspx page into the App somehow?

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