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    I enjoy it, very interesting thanks
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    K Parmar


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    I have basically two questions:

    1- Why MAUI is based on Xamarin XAML (which is not popular/used) instead of WPF/UWP which are really much more popular and have been spread all over the Windows ecosystem?
    2- Understood that a web developer will be able to do a desktop app. Cool but how a desktop developer will develop for the web using XAML/C#? In my perspective XAML (from WPF/UWP) is much more organized than using html/css. Are there any plans on supporting XAML (from WPF/UWP) for Blazor server-side development?

    I have seen a general unhappiness from many .NET developers lately to the point that many (including me) are looking for alternatives to .NET.

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    You could try cross-platform frameworks like AvaloniaUI for closet to WPF experience. You do not have to use Microsoft toolbox when in .Net.

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    Anomynous, unfortunately you didn't answer neither of the questions above, which are of interest of many people, but I will definitely take the advice myself when choosing cloud providers from now on.
    On some things unfortunately the user cannot influence but on others he can. :)

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