Cloud Enable a WPF LOB App Part 1

Play Cloud Enable a WPF LOB App Part 1

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    What about the WPF application itself  Can the app be hosted in Azure and installed on the PCs that want to use it?

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    (y), great video, look fwd to the next one about authentication. Cheers.

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    30 min. for changing a connection string? seriously? I cannot help myself but I think WPF is getting more and more uninteressing. Web technologies (HTML/JS) can already handle a lot of the UI/MVVM stuff that WPF can do and the JS performance in modern browsers is getting better and better while WPF still has some serious performance issues. WPF seems to stand still for years while HTML/JS frameworks emerge and already provide more features than the standard WPF controls (or the MVVM and binding convenience).

    Most of my recent WPF project could have also been done in the same amount of time with Angular and an established HTML control library. (Backend logic still .NET - like WebAPI OData)

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    @hobe: This is not an episode about WPF development. It is an episode about cloud enabling an existing WPF app. In the 30 minutes, there is talking, time spent moving the data to Azure SQL, time spent creating an Azure Web site and time spent publishing the WCF service to Azure. There is no time spent coding WPF.

    If you think this video is too long, that is a fair comment. I do tend to ramble (I learned that from my dad!). But I am not sure how that demonstrates the superiority of Web technologies to WPF. I promise you, that if I used the MVC version of the app instead of the WPF, the video would still have been 30 minutes long.


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    Great stuff :) it looks like the process of moving to azure is pretty straight forward.

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    Great video Robert! Keep them coming.

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    Thank you Robert for your contribution. I find myself amazed try my WPF with Azure. Regards.

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