Collecting IntelliTrace Data in Production

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IntelliTrace is a great tool. It records and traces your app's code execution and stores this information in a trace file. You can open up that trace file later on and figure out why your app isn't behaving as expected. This can save you huge amounts of time during development. But what happens when the app goes into production and issues arise? In this episode, Larry Guger shows us how you can use the free standalone IntellliTrace Collector to gather this information from apps running in production. Larry shows us how to download the tool, configure it to collect data, and then how to analyze that data in Visual Studio.



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The Discussion

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    Debugging on steroids. I really can use this for Winforms or WPF apps.

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    Something that was not clear for me from the video:
    does the application has to be compiled with debug info?


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    During analysis of the log file Visual Studio needs to be able to find the symbol files (.pdb) that were generated when the application was built.  The application can be compiled using the "release" mode as long as symbols were included.

    When you open the log file you need to make sure that Visual Studio knows where the matchng symbol files are located.  You can set this location in Tools -> Options -> Debugger -> Symbols.

    The symbol files contain the data that matches the compiled binary code back to source files.

    Hope that helps.

    Larry Guger

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    Any plans to focus on limiting data for security purposes?  Due to PII (Personally Identifiable Information), our administrators would not allow this to be run without the ability to limit the data collected.  Does the collection plan limit this?

    [Nevermind, saw the Tools|Options that collects events only. Would be nice to be a bit more granular about what call information is recorded rather than all or nothing.]

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    Thanks for watching and providing the feedback.  We have heard the PII concern a couple of times and we are certainly looking at the best methods for addressing this concern.


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    necesito archivos para estudiar

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