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Containers and Existing .NET Apps Part 2

Play Containers and Existing .NET Apps Part 2

The Discussion

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    This is seriously misleading video. Windows containers are NOT production ready anywhere but hosted either in docker swarm or service fabric. Kubernetes support for windows containers are in beta stage and you will not get support from any of the vendors running windows containers in kubernetes. If you want to have supported production ready as mentioned in the video container orchestrator then you have only 2 choices and swarm actually is most mature out of those two.

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    @artisticcheese:You're correct - Kubernetes support for Windows Containers is still in preview at the moment. This was pointed out in the overview slide that called out Windows containers as less mature in Kubernetes, as well as Robert's follow up comment that this is still an active work in progress. Thanks for clarifying this.

    At this point, for mature Windows Containers support, we would recommend Service Fabric, which will also allow you to stay in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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    This is great Aditi if I have access to the source code but how do I bring a legacy app into the Container ecosystem if I don't have access to the source code?

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