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Containers for Existing .NET Apps Part 1

Play Containers for Existing .NET Apps Part 1
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This is the first of a two part series where Robert is joined by Aditi Dugar, who shows how and why you can modernize existing .NET applications by containerizing them and moving them to the cloud. This brings significant deployment and DevOps improvements without the need to re-architect or rewrite the app. 

In part one, Aditi shows how to create containers to run existing .NET applications. In part two, she shows how to get those containers running in Azure and introduces us to using Kubernetes to orchestrate the containers. 





The Discussion

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    What happens to security?  Most Line-of-Business applications have some form of security that possibly will leverage an active directory environment.

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    You still can use Active Directory with windows containers. You can find details here

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    Would like to see an example where you dockerize a real legacy application. Start with a winform application using visual studio 2010. Note there are no "Add Docker" menu items. With that as a starting point create the dockerfile and build the application into a container.

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    @Bubba: docker containers run inside windows server core or nanoserver as base OS, winforms is not supported in any of those since there is no UI. Are you refering to ASP.NET web forms?

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    I just have a question about the tools being used in this presentation: why are the presenters not using Microsoft products e.g. Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome? Are they telling us something about their own products that we're not aware off??? If so, then what confidence are we to have about any other product including the ones being presented?

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    I thought docker container files were significantly smaller than those shown in the demo. I have VM's that are smaller than some of those containers. How come the container files are so large?

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