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    Rafael Wolf

    I cannot understand, no moment in this video... they talk about Windows 10 Mobile, awkward isn't...

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    Codepush and Project ACE are awsome features for cordova based project.

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    The latest release of Visual Studio Code seems to not work with the extension. I am getting this error:

    [cordova-debug-adapter] TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined

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    @Burton: It turns out that VS Code pushed an update yesterday that had a conflict with our extension. The good news is that we deployed a fix to the Cordova extension on the same day. You can find background about this issue here, or just get the update by typing ext update cordova into the VS Code command palette (invoked by Ctrl+P),


    This release is primarily bugfixes after the vscode 0.10.10 update.

    If you have a project from prior to this update, you may need to delete your .vscode/launch.json and regenerate it, or otherwise manually add "cwd": "${workspaceRoot}" to each of the entries.


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    Simple and great video. Ryan, can your team focus on open-source solutions like Ionic Framework?

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    really great

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    can you put chinese subtitles,thanks!

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    Some observations:

    1) Macs look terrible. And it is more horrific seeing a guy at MS using one. That's bad advertising for MS and also bad for the health and pockets of the person using it.

    2) JavaScript is a garbage-grade language (as well as HTML). It might be able to do really cool stuff and be the only cross-platform language that works without dealing with the Oracle/Sun/Java madness (thanks to the pure lack-of-interest/go-with-the-current-attitude/lack-of-vision of the IT community that kept JS as the only citizen of browsers and the obsession of companies like Apple to stick with their own ancient languages and tools rather than building on common ground), but the fact remains that it is garbage. It desperately needs a complete rewrite and ES6 comes nowhere close it. I use JS all the time and all over the place, but I only do it out of pure desperation. It is really sad, building the future of programming on this crap, just because it sits there waiting.

    3) Regarding the slimness of VS Code and avoiding adding too many UI stuff, I am not sure I agree. Brackets has a friendlier (click-oriented) UI and I don't hear nor I can imagine a group of people nagging over that (the people that are used to Vim are not gonna migrate to VS Code anyway, if you think about them...). But anyway... Whatever... I use Brackets, which is more beautiful with the proper addons (yes, even the looks matter) despite the fact that I love some of the code editing behavior that VS Code has.

    Other than that, great work !
    If you can't replace the language and the target OSes, at least replace the tools that come with it...
    One sucky thing at a time...

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