CosmosDB: Serverless NoSQL for the .NET Developer

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In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Jeremy Likness, who shows us CosmosDB. This is the Azure database-as-a-service that features geo-replication, user configurable consistency levels, and supports a variety of interfaces from the classic DocumentDB to MongoDB and more.

Jeremy demonstrates how to set up a CosmosDB account, load data, and stand up an application with web API interfaces and a single page application front end to quickly access data leveraging C# and LINQ. He then shows how simple it was to write data using an Azure Function, then mine the data using Power BI. See how CosmosDB truly provides the "easy-button" for database-as-as-service for .NET developers!




The Discussion

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    I like the fact that move quickly through your demonstration and your presentation. It keeps the stimulation up to stay focused and tuned in to possibly learn something like your ability's and your professionalism. I admire that, Thank You 

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