Create a .NET Core Project Template for Visual Studio

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    As the demo rolls along, there is a (very) casual mention of using a PowerShell script. The narrator carefully explains that the script can be found in the repo, then demonstrates how it can just be called.
    There is one, very quick, reference to "installing the script in your prompt or profile profile" at 14:40. That's nice.
    For those of us (including myself) that HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU JUST SAID, it would have been nice if the readme included a reference link or two to a place that would explain what you just said. I've spent quite a bit of time looking for the "how to install a PS script" instructions and have come up empty so far (perhaps my Google-Foo isn't up to the task) but this could have been avoided with a quick reference along the lines of "go here if you want more info on installing PS scripts".
    If you are going to teach, make sure your students walk away with enough knowledge to do the task that is taught, assume NOTHING and you'll be better for it.

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    How can I create a new project using Visual Studio?

    I can create the project using dotnet new command but the template is not available on visual studio

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