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Cross Platform Development With Xamarin

56 minutes, 20 seconds


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This is the first of a four part series on building cross platform apps using Xamarin and C#. In this episode Robert is joined by James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin, who discusses how to create Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications in C# from inside Visual Studio with Xamarin. We will see how to get started with Xamarin and how to share 60 to 90% of your code between Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 applications.




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  • Jason ScheuermanJason Scheuerman

    In a booming market in need of mobile apps, being able to have one platform that can create apps for all the platforms just makes sense on so many levels. Faster development with fewer developers, and probably more developers out there that know C# than Java and Objective-C combined. From a business perspective, what's not to like about that?

  • AnonAnon

    Great job! Keep em coming.

  • You mentioned storyboarding is coming for iOS in VS.  Is this something that is public knowledge and if so, is there a roadmap/timeline?  Thanks, good stuff!

  • Xamarin's tooling is quite expensive to buy into considering how software developers have been turned into $0.99 street corner whores trying to sell their hard earned skills compelled to use the freemium "business model" after the economy of software development was undermined in the mid to late 90s.

    Xamarin's fee for the one man band is not realistic as it lures the developer in without providing the set of tools priced out of his or her reach to actually get stuff done that -might- be saleable.

    Its not that the value of Xamarin tooling is not worth the money because it is but the fees are structured poorly and the real concern for me (us) as a one man band is the rest of the big picture that mandates spending many thousands of dollars for tools and services one -might- sell his or her product at a whopping unit price of $0.99 the Angry Birds phenomena being just that.

    Its been called a crap shoot for a reason.

    That said, its a good thing Microsoft has been altruistic on the front end of the developer's dilemma by helping to provide tooling free these past years. Perhaps Microsoft will come around some day soon and underwrite some of Xamarin's acquisition costs for those of us code buskers.

  • And even though there is an RSS feed I am --STILL WAITING-- for Channel9 to add subscriptions or some form of notification service so we can be notified by mail when the next "part" of a video series is available.

  • PiercePierce

    Great job James and Robert! Really enjoyed this video.

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or


    Add this show to the watchlist and wait for the notifications to roll in.

  • XcoderTeamXcoderTeam

    I have heard this Xamarin quit sometimes, there is less resources to get start.
    Waiting the next video.

    Good Jobs Xamarin Team

  • JulesJules

    Really impressive team that have confidence in .NET just when Microsoft gave up on us.
    Now we can exploit all our C# and .NET skills to deliver Android and iOS.

    We have developed Tank Frenzy 3D and Air Combat 3D into the Google Play store thanks to Xamarin.

  • Vimal UpadhyayVimal Upadhyay

    Cross platform tools are still not mature enough to create mission critical apps. they can be nightmare in enterprise apps.

  • You showed some charts on how a developer was able to use a percentage of common code between the platforms.  Is there a particular method on how to find this info (with ease)?

    Thanks.  Hope to see part 2 soon.

  • Can we get the slides you used during this demo?  If so, where?  thx

  • James MontemagnoJames​Montemagno Live, Love, Bike, & Code.

    @shaggygi:You can grab most of these slides on the xamarin forums under presentations. I did make some edits to customize it around this talk. http://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/12954

  • WinInsiderWinInsider Mike, MCAD

    @Vimal Upadhyay: in that case, you should go with javascript and notepad for mission critical apps

  • @Maddus Mattus: Follow (the discussion) sends email notifications but I don't know how to add this show to a watchlist.


    +1 for @ClintonGallagher ... Although: compared to other devl. platforms vendors, "monetization strategies", Miguel seems to try and "flow against the tide" , but I am not sure I can blame him.

    I also think (and know) that a lot of developers and devl. houses are waiting for MSFT to "subsidize"  the cost of Xamarin, and lower it down considerably.

    If I would be thinking in that direction I would integrate Xamarin with Azure tools and technologies and lower its licencing costs and improve the whole model considerably.

  • HassanHassan

    when other sessions are comming

  • ChrisChris

    I find this technology fantastic, and the video very inspiring.

    However, when I checked the pricing I found this was way out of our league. We are a small development house and these costs are unfortunately prohibitive. A one off fee is understandable, but to find this every year seems a lot.

    I do hope that perhaps Microsoft can use their deep pockets to subsidise these costs and help out smaller developers who love working with the C# and .NET platforms :)

  • It appears when developing for iOS, you have to setup an account and pay the $100 in order to develop/download/debug on a iDevice.  This is different than Android and Windows where you can use your device when learning and developing... then pay to use the store when ready.

    Is this true about iOS?  Is not, can someone point me to instructions on how to enable an iPad without being forced to pay the fees up front?  Thx

  • its true and I guess you also need a Mac not PC.

  • @nyasira.  Thanks for the input.  To make sure I was specific enough...  I realize you must have a Mac for developing with Xamarin, as well.  I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something on how to develop with an actual iPad device (even using Xamarin Studio on a Mac) without being required to pay until ready to use the App Store.  If this is the case.... way to go Apple on being so greedy.  Hope this is not the case?!?!

  • Fantastic!  Then I saw the price for one person Visual Studio... :(  Will be out of most people's price range.  Shot through the heart.

  • @Hassan: Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Parts 3 and 4 will be up in about a month.


  • @Vimal Upadhyay: Can you elaborate on why you say cross platform are not suitable for enterprise apps?


  • CbrcoderCbrcoder

    WMV formats are missing. Please add that, specially "mid-quality" WMV is an excellent tradeoff between size and quality.

  • Great!

    , rogreen wrote

    @Hassan: Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Parts 3 and 4 will be up in about a month.



  • BinodBinod

    Me and my team is doing good with Xamarin, But due to limitation of the PCL, we always struck in some situation, Likely last week i was working with Amazon Web Services (AWSS3) and for that i have to pass some paramter for which i was strongly needed some methods of system.security.cryptography assembly. Now i m in worse situation to get off from this. Still there is no such support in PCL and Nuget for which platform i m working on.

    Much things to improve with PCL.

  • GarethGareth

    ClintonGallagher is right - the price for the full Professional edition of Xamarin with full VS integration is extraordinarily high ($999 per platform/per developer/per year) and is way too much money for our small shop especially cos our planned mobile apps will be free add-ons for our desktop/web customers. However I've recently been looking at a new competitor to Xamarin called RemObjects C# which does the same thing, albeit with a different approach which has it's pros and cons, however their price is $699 for ALL platforms/per developer. Take a look if you're interested www.remobjects.com/cs - I'm not affiliated to this company. They already got Xamarin rattled cos I saw a spat on Twitter between Xamarin CTO Miguel De Icaza and RemObjects CEO Marc Hoffman. I thought it was bad form by Miguel to try to publicly criticise a new competitor just days after they'd launched - he should be confident enough in his own product not to engage in that sort of tactic.

  • ThomasThomas

    Not able to play the video. And also not able to download

  • James MontemagnoJames​Montemagno Live, Love, Bike, & Code.

    @Binod: PCL's in general are platform independent so that is why you have a limited subset of the .NET Framework. You are always free to use linked files or the new shared code projects as well. If you want to stay in the PCL world there are some nice ways to add functionality like I did for HTTPClient in some of my later demos. For encryption take a look at the PCL Crypto library: https://www.nuget.org/packages/PCLCrypto

  • James MontemagnoJames​Montemagno Live, Love, Bike, & Code.

    @shaggygi: I use a small analysis class to figure out the shared code percent: https://github.com/jamesmontemagno/MyExpenses/tree/master/MyExpenses.Analysis

  • Great job guys!

  • XamarinXamarin

    Hi James,

    I currently working on the Windows Applications development.
    Kindly provide the Source Code for above Example.


  • AkshayAkshay

    It will be helpful if there will be a tutorial for accessing Wordpress website via native apps using json...

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