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    I am taking a CSIS 209 class right now and it's based on Visual Studio so my teacher told me that I can find help here to comprehend Visual Studio.


    Thank you

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    I think that clone database is neat but it also raises some concerns about potentially having real PII or PCI data in a dev environment.

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    @SheldonS: good point - you certainly need to take care. [I work for Redgate on SQL Clone].

    Some of our customers are currently delivering clone databases using PowerShell batches which also 'mask' or overwrite sensitive data at time of database delivery (not appropriate for fully protecting data; the .mdf/.ldf files could still be hacked).

    Alternatively TDE still works if you control the certificate backup/restore, or you could curate some images for provisioning by replacing sensitive data with generated. Details on both on the Redgate blog.

    Meanwhile, we're actively researching masking needs with a prototype product - search for SQL Data Mask.

    We're hoping to make masking 'ingeniously simple' with an offering in our product line very soon!


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    what about other DevOps tools like DevOps Automation ( ), etc? Did you try them? I think Redgate tools have a lot of good alternatives.

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