Design Patterns: Command/Memento

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This is the first of an eight part series where Robert is joined by Phil Japikse to discuss design patterns. A design pattern is a best practice you can use in your code to solve a common problem.  In this episode, Phil demonstrates the Command and Memento patterns. The Command pattern encapsulates all the information an object needs to perform an action or trigger an event. The Memento pattern provides the ability to restore an object to its previous state. 

Episodes in this series:

  • Command/Memento patterns (this episode)
  • Strategy pattern
  • Template Method pattern (to be published 7/20)
  • Observer/Publish-Subscribe patterns (to be published 7/25)
  • Singleton pattern (to be published 8/8)
  • Factory patterns (to be published 8/10)
  • Adapter/Façade patterns (to be published 8/15)
  • Decorator pattern (to be published 8/17)





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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the explanation. I'm also interested in State, Builder & Interpreter pattern.

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    Thank you for the great show! but the sound keeps interrupting. 

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    I cannot find any of the other episodes for this series

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    @jason: I just posted episode 2. Episode 3 will be up Thursday. 2 more next week. 2 more the week of August 7 and the final two the week of August 14. :)


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    @hesamkal2009: If you download the show and watch, does the sound keep interrupting? 


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