Design Patterns: Observer and Publish-Subscribe

Play Design Patterns: Observer and Publish-Subscribe

The Discussion

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    Why aren't you using IObserver and IObservable. Is it wrong to implement a Subscribe method that returns an IDisposable like in this example:

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    @Stefan_Tellurian: There's nothing wrong with using IObserver and IObservable, I actually had an example in the talk, but when I flushed it out, I realized that it hid a lot of the pattern, and didn't advance the talk any. So I removed the example since the goal of the talk was to explain the pattern.

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    I really love the series and cant thank enough for the same. This helped me a good understanding on the patterns which initially seemed daunting.

    If I may, can you please make one session on Interface Vs Abstract class, as Robert suggested? In the examples I have seen for the patterns here, Phil is using interfaces but the examples in DoFactory uses Abstract classes. So, I want to understand if this variation will affect pattern in any way.

    Thanks again for this great series

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