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In this episode, Robert is joined by Kasey Uhlenhuth, who shows off a number of features that increase your code writing productivity in the current and next versions of Visual Studio. Among the things she shows are the C# Interactive window, Quick Launch, Navigate To, IntellliSense improvements, refactorings and better feedback from the code editor.



The Discussion

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    What's the point for C# Interactive, we have Powershell already.

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    You skipped v13 because superstition, I think.

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    @Haitch:You can test code snippets in C# interactive without creating a new project.

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    where is interactive window ?

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    by the way VS 2015 was not more productive. it was the slowness only.

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    IntelliSense filtering YAY!!!

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    Cool stuff and very nice presentation :) Thank you.

    Please just don't throw in too many of these productivity enhancements because we might come to the point when it becomes contra-productive. With every new VS version the application is getting slower and slower. Even on the high-end machines (in my case 16GB, 16xcore and SSD) I can notice delays in menu appearance loading of the code files etc.  Recently I had to switch off tons of options in VS (Including new diagnostic tool) to increase the performance. I am even considering using RAM disk but that will be the last option :)
    I don't know if this is due to WPF or what but please start thinking how to create a more "lightweight" version of VS. Check what VS tools are most frequently used and make installation such way you disable those features which are not in the "most used" list.

    Thnx and keep up the good work.

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    a lot of the new intelliSense features already exist in Resharper, I wish they would merge

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    Re: C# interactive. Finally an almost complete implementation of a feature that was part of Smalltlak at least 30 years ago!

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    Should we use the Visualstudio Uservoice for Interactive window feature requests?

    #r, could be improved with an option that ref's your current open file's using statements.


    LINQPad is my tool of choice, it allows you to debug and step through the code. Great for EF and linq too.

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    @DarkoL: in VS '15' we are focusing a lot on performance/reliability/install time, with some of the performance improvements available in VS2015 Update 3. If you are working in a large solution, these suggestions may help improve your performance as well.

    @OzBobWa: Yes, we still look at UserVoice. I would recommend filing an issue on our Roslyn repo as well (that way you can track our progress).

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    Who comes up with this garbage? These are NOT 'productivity enhancements', they are another layer of bloat-ware to make an already slooooow Vis Studio even slooowwweerr. If you need a productivity tool to help you with a switch statement, then you should be flipping burgers, not trying to write software. Stop adding all this crap in and just make Vis Studio faster. Have some common sense Microsoft. People don't 'need' to be doing what you think they should be doing.

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    @Haitch: PowerShell is not C#. not the same syntax, not the same API.

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    What was the name of the Computer Science person you cited about not knowing your what your output is until you build? It sounded like Bret Richter? But I don't find anything online for that name.

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    I love the enhancements. My only concern is the performance of VS. Mainly the XAML designer. I have to end task on it many times a day. So much so I use the code editor for XAML so the designer doesn't run.

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    I think Surround with braces would be much better than Add braces. Most of the time your cursor is already at the statement inside when you realize you want to add some more stuff, so it would be useful if you didn't have to go back to the if statement and could just control+dot, Surround with braces and hit enter to go to the next line.

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    //maybe speed up the installation process or let everything to download first then start the install. it looked like downloads a few things then install them, if for some reason the machine goes offline the install process will fail or give an error in the end

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