Entity Framework 5 and 6

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In this episode, Robert is joined by Rowan Miller and Glenn Condron of the Entity Framework team. Rowan and Glenn first provide a brief history of EF [01:30]. They next bring us up to speed on what was new in EF 5 [10:15]. Demos include DbContext code generation, enum support, spatial data types, and multiple diagrams and coloring. They explain how Entity Framework is open source and what that means [26:30] and then discuss upgrading to EF 6 [32:00]. Finally, they show us what is coming in EF 6. Demos include database command interception/logging, code-based configuration and async query and save.




The Discussion

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    Hi Robert,

    As a fan of your show, I never miss one.

    I would like to offer a suggestion for an episode: Enterprise Library 6.0 (EL) compared to Entity Framework (EF).

    We use EL 6.0 in all our projects (VS 2012 / C# 5.0 / SQL Server 2012 / WinForm). We are under the impression that EF is an unnecessary layer that would cause costly delays during data access operations, and this has prevented us from considering it for data access in our projects.

    But, watching this episode about EF 5.0 / 6.0 our eyes popped-out to the perspective of having lots of benefits we do not have using EL 6.0. On the other side, there is a learning curve to deal with besides the performance problem.

    Many of my fellow developers have similar views.

    Thanks again and kudos for your show.

    Eduardo Quintana

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    Is there any source code available for download for this episode?

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Thanks guys. Good session. Could be better if you could let us see the code by closing everything but the solution explorer.

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    it's a terrible, code must be clean and clear, framework 2.0 is best for that, but after... it's nightmares, code .Net more and more the same java. it's like all in one, interface, file, code more and more
    generate too much. we are dotnet, not is java, even a senior programmer in Net scare.....

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    Hi Rowan,

    I am fan of your show. I would you like as a question regarding EF6. This EF6 is support oracle partitioned.If support  could you please share if any sample application.



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    Hi Praveen,

    I haven't tried using partitioning with Oracle and I'm not aware of any sample applications. I believe Oracle has some partitioning support that is handled transparently by the database driver. If that is the case, then that will 'just work' since EF won't be aware that partitioning is happening.


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    Hi Rowan,

    Can we use two sets of EF 4.4 and 6 at the same application ?

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    What is that program u use to draw arrows on the screen @ 51:26?

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    NVM, found it: ZoomIt

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    @Micah: Rowan was using Zoomit to draw the arrows.


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