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    Pretty cool session. Learnt something new (a)

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    do you know when it'll be subtitled or provide a transcript?

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    I've added some quick EF Core walk though videos on Channel 9 that you can follow along with if you like. You can find them on my "niners" page at channel9.msdn.com/Niners/julielerman

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    I can see the CC and translation to several idioms, but why isn't Spanish ?
    the same happen with the other videos


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    Very cool. I am especially interested in the improvements they are doing in EF core with the mapping to a private fields. 

    What normally should happen with EF mapped entity classes is that they are mapped to Domain Classes which contain the Domain knowledge about the specific thing. I think that should still remain as we do not want modifying directly EF class but Business Domain class, and then after that mapping to Entity. But with the new idea of having private field - this will allow to hide some internal knowledge of the Entity to its implementation. That could be good but also bad thing. Bad because allows Business Logic to be in the Domain but also in the Entities. Wondering if EF team want to remove the gap between those two things and Entity class to have the most intimate knowledge about the domain.... ? What do you think?

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    @ltuttini:I brought this up with some channel 9 people. I don't think they realized this and they are looking into it now! thanks for pointing it out!!:)

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    Thanks for the update and tips. Same prompt trick with command line, since before windows. At command prompt enter:

    PROMPT $g


    for all the options

    Also in windows Shift Right Click on a folder and select: Open command window here

    Windows still doesn't like paths > 255 characters :( , maybe when we get a real hoverboard and flying cars.




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