Entity Framework Core In-Depth Part 9

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    Dharmesh Shah

    EF Core ChangeTracker has disclaimer from Microsoft

    >>>> Microsoft Quote

    namespace Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ChangeTracking
    // Summary:
    // Provides access to change tracking information and operations for entity instances
    // the context is tracking. Instances of this class are typically obtained from
    // Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContext.ChangeTracker and it is not designed
    // to be directly constructed in your application code.
    public class ChangeTracker : IResettableService
    // Summary:
    // This is an internal API that supports the Entity Framework Core infrastructure
    // and not subject to the same compatibility standards as public APIs. It may be
    // changed or removed without notice in any release. You should only use it directly
    // in your code with extreme caution and knowing that doing so can result in application
    // failures when updating to a new Entity Framework Core release.
    public ChangeTracker([NotNullAttribute] DbContext context, [NotNullAttribute] IStateManager stateManager, [NotNullAttribute] IChangeDetector changeDetector, [NotNullAttribute] IModel model, [NotNullAttribute] IEntityEntryGraphIterator graphIterator);

    <<<<<<<<< Unquote

    Is it really safe to use it like the way you described in the above Video?

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