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In this episode, Robert is joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows us what users of extensions can expect in Visual Studio 2017. Justin first reviews the new setup experience, because that impacts extensions. Among the things he shows are lightweight solution loading [07:35], how you can monitor the performance of extensions and see whether they are slowing you down [09:00], how extension builders can specify what Visual Studio components are required to run the extension [18:50] and how to build an extension [24:45].




The Discussion

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    Are those private registry (06:00) the same mechanizm that is used in legacy Win32 apps repacked into AppX using Desktop Bridge?

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    Christian Zuercher

    Where do I get the Setupprogram which includes all these VS-Versions? The Download i have seen are only for specific Versions (2015/2017) and not Multiselectable.
    Tnx for Infos/Links

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    @Christian Zuercher: That option is available for internal MS folk only. Sorry if that was confusing.

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    @rogreen:Hi Robert
    Tnx for the Info. This is very helpful and tells me how to install both Versions.
    Greets from Switzerland and continue with these great posts!

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    Great video!

    But I could not figure out how to install more than one particular SKU (Like VS Community 2017 RC) side-by-side for different workloads.

    I have the latest version of the installer, but once a SKU is installed, I can only launch / modify it, I cannot install a second or a third version of it (with different workloads). Any ideas what is wrong? Will this be fixed in RTM?

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    The only way to have side-by-side installations at the moment is to have different editions (Community, Pro, Enterprise)
    Or to get a SKU from a different distribution channel.

    We are looking to bring in side-by-side installation of the same SKU in Update 1 or 2.

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    @JustCla Thank you for clarifying! Will be looking forward to this feature in the next update then!

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