Extensions in Visual Studio 2017

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    Are those private registry (06:00) the same mechanizm that is used in legacy Win32 apps repacked into AppX using Desktop Bridge?

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    Christian Zuercher

    Where do I get the Setupprogram which includes all these VS-Versions? The Download i have seen are only for specific Versions (2015/2017) and not Multiselectable.
    Tnx for Infos/Links

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    @Christian Zuercher: That option is available for internal MS folk only. Sorry if that was confusing.

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    @rogreen:Hi Robert
    Tnx for the Info. This is very helpful and tells me how to install both Versions.
    Greets from Switzerland and continue with these great posts!

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    Great video!

    But I could not figure out how to install more than one particular SKU (Like VS Community 2017 RC) side-by-side for different workloads.

    I have the latest version of the installer, but once a SKU is installed, I can only launch / modify it, I cannot install a second or a third version of it (with different workloads). Any ideas what is wrong? Will this be fixed in RTM?

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    The only way to have side-by-side installations at the moment is to have different editions (Community, Pro, Enterprise)
    Or to get a SKU from a different distribution channel.

    We are looking to bring in side-by-side installation of the same SKU in Update 1 or 2.

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    @JustCla Thank you for clarifying! Will be looking forward to this feature in the next update then!

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