The Present and Not-too-distant Future of Visual Studio Part 2

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This is the second of a two part series where Robert is joined by Amanda Silver, Kendra Havens and Anthony Cangelosi for a whirlwind tour of some of the upcoming enhancements in Visual Studio that can make you the most productive developer in your team and the fastest dev team in the industry. In part 1, they showed personal and cloud productivity. Here they feature LiveShare support for Time Travel debugging and managing pull requests without having to leave Visual Studio.





The Discussion

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    Absolutely fantastic new features!

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    Great features and thank you for a video ;)

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    Is the pull request, review etc only compatible with VSTS? We are using Git/Gitlab.

    Also, can you confirm which version this is coming/came in?


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    @leetickett: It will definitely work with GitHub and VSTS out of the box. We may eventually provide extensibility points for other hosts as well. We are still testing the Create/Review a PR tools internally and it may ship in Update 15.8 RTM or later. This was a very much a *future* of VS talk. 

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    This time travel debugging looks very similar to IntelliTrace where one can collect traces from production using Intellitrace Standalone Collector. Devs can then load those traces in Visual Studio and debug the issue. What is the difference between time travel debugging and IntelliTrace? From my personal experience, IntelliTrace has certain constraints (like need to restart a process to attach, limited recording of variables) that makes it not the best tool in certain scenarios. Does time travel debugging going to overcome any of those constraints? 

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    "The Snapshot Debugger is available in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise version 15.5 and greater. "

    IntelliTrace is also only for VS Enterprise.

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    1. Thanks for pointing out about snapshot debugger. The impression I am getting is that its a Azure only feature that requires you to run Visual Studio to capture snapshot? If my impression is correct, that's sound like lots of constraints in itself for production debugging scenario.

    2. So Time-travel debugging is equivalent of IntelliTrace that's available on all Visual Studio versions?

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    We tried Visual Studio Live Share few times. I think it is very cool, but Slack and its multiple person screenshare controls (multiple mouse cursors)+audio render it not very viable. The biggest drawback, is most often during a collaboration session, we might need to use other programs outside of Visual Studio, including research in the browser.

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