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In this episode, Robert is joined by Paul Litwin, who shows us how to get started with Git in under an hour. Git is a free, open source and quite popular distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Starting with the command line and ending up in both VS Code and Visual Studio, Paul takes us on a tour of the how you can use Git to manage your source code.



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The Discussion

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    Jethro Tully

    It's not 1999 anymore, the command-line examples should be in PowerShell...

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    @Jethro Tully:I totally agree. I abandoned CMD years ago. It is just a last resort for me now. lol :P

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    Git is the best technology for projet management where we aren't solo. Better productivity 

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    There is in git one more place, where you may store you changes, Stash.

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    See visual studio uservoice idea about git-stash support and vote for it. It will be more useful than just discontented comments here.

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    Some Guy

    @Jethro Tully

    you're one of *those* people that just has to complain about something.

    ask for your money back, jack *.

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    One area I'd like to see covered in a "getting started with Git" presentation series is how to cope with migrating solutions from other version control systems. I'm using Component Software's "CS-RCS", which is GNU-RCS compatible, and plugs in to Visual Studio. Sadly, the company is no longer operating, and their web site is dead.

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