Windows IoT #1: Basics Windows IoT introduction before you start coding (Getting Started Series)

Play Windows IoT #1: Basics Windows IoT introduction before you start coding (Getting Started Series)
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In the first episode of this series, Dmitry and his guest Suz Hinton introduce Windows IoT Core as a way of building applications for IoT solutions. We cover some foundational topics such as how Windows IoT works, and what it is designed for. We'll also discuss how Windows IoT applications are developed, and how they differ from regular Universal Windows Platform applications.

Featuring a brief introduction to breadboards and the Raspberry Pi, we set the scene for writing your first Windows IoT Core UWP application, detailed in the second episode of this series.

You can find all the episodes in this series as they go live in our YouTube playlist.


  1. Windows IoT Core Overview
  2. How breadboards work
  3. How to install Windows IoT Core on your Raspberry Pi



The Discussion

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    I hope in the future episodes Dmitry talks less and let the guest a chance to get into more details about the subject. 

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    @iotr: Susan and I are co-presenting this as a strategy so this will be our style sorry you don't like it.

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    @WWWojtekkk:what do you mean by adding this link here?

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    Well Dmitry, I kind of agree with @iotr. The episode is not about YOU. so let the guest continue. It's not about liking or not, but basic 101 of speaking. The first 10 minutes seems like you are too competitive with her.

    Hopefully we learn from future episodes. Thank you.

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    @Dmitry, its very annoying when you butt into while your guest is speaking and trying to explain the details. If you didn't know what GPIO is then I would keep quite and would let my guest speak. 

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    @LyalinDotCom - I appreciate what you are trying to do, but as explained in the description, Suz *is* your guest. It might be nice to not try to compete with your guest. Let the guest help introduce the subject matter. Take a stance as "like it or not" and you may lose audience.

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    I actually ENJOYED the remarks from Dmitry. My first efforts at Windows IOT were entirely unsuccessful, and in no small part due to the very issues he brought up. You need the right hardware to make it work. Dmitry brought that out, and I wish I had those insights before trying it myself.

    Great videos. Can't wait to go through the series. Keep up the great work!

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    Great, your video, congratulations.

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    I think both presenters are really excellent and complement each other. Suz explains things clearly and with good humour and Dmitry adds context. I found Dmitry's descriptions useful. I'm going to watch all the episodes.

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