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Windows IoT #4: Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central Integration for Windows IoT (Getting Started Series)

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In the fourth episode of this series, Dmirty and Suz connect the smart home device to the outside world for monitoring purposes. The temperature readings from the climate sensor can be pushed to Azure IoT Hub for consumption by cloud based software, such as Azure IoT Central. A walkthrough of both these Azure services will be conducted, featuring both code and high level architectural explanations. Some example scenarios will be covered to give you an overview of the practical applications of monitoring telemetry from smart devices.


  1. Smart Home Device source code on GitHub 
  2. Azure IoT Hub Documentation
  3. Azure IoT Central
  4. Create a Free Account (Azure):



The Discussion

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    This is very interesting, but it's disappointing that the episode is so short. The first three videos were excellent.

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