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    Ashith Raj
    It's good to see team is using the product you build. Few questions:
    1. What's the process team you use - Agile, Scrum, or SAFe?
    2. What's the Branching approach your teams flow - GitFlow or trunk based development?
    3. What's the build/CI trigger - PR on which branch triggers CI?
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    1. We use Agile Process
    2. Trunk based development, all changes checked into master directly.
    3. We have multiple builds:
    a) PR builds - every change goes thru a PR build before it gets merged into master, only if PR is passed it will get merged.
    b) We have CI builds triggered continuously from master branch, we batch all commits (which have gone thru PR) and do CI and use that build to trigger multiple dev/test deployments to run functional tests.
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    Timm Krause


    Can you clarify the release process in a bit more detail?
    I understood that after you went through 3.b) of your previous comment you take a look at the "The Matrix" (:D), specifically looking for a good build which passed all dev/test deployments (Release Pipelines).

    And after that? I understood you are working with release branches?
    So you pick the build number from the matrix, take the commit hash, create a release branch from that commit and trigger another build (which is a different CI build for the purpose of a release) which then triggers the "TFS - Prod Update" release pipeline.

    Did I understand this correctly?

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    In your demo, you showed an integration with JIRA that allows links to JIRA tickets to show up in the Work Items tab of a release in Pipelines (20:18 mark of video). What integration are you using for this?

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