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    This looks promising as release management can challenging when you have a product going to multiple customers' various environments. I'm looking forward to trying it out when it is available on prem.

    You mentioned Release Manager will track features (work items) included in each release. Consider a scenario where there are Test and Prod environments. Version 1 is deployed to Test and Prod. Version 2 is deployed to Test with several new features. A problem is discovered in test with one of these features. It is fixed and released to Test as Version 3 along with a handful of other new features and fixes. Will Release Manager track and show the complete set of features (those from Version 2 and Version 3) that will be deployed to Prod when Version 3 is deployed?

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    @bkstill: That is correct. You will see all the changes.

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    Ted Wiad

    Is this just like a YAML file with Jenkins?

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    Great work as always @donovan! For anyone wanting a step-by-step guide to creating an ARM template that provisions a Windows Server VM (and joins it to a domain) I have a couple of blog posts that might be of interest. See here for the second post which has a link to the first post.(Channel 9 doesn't like too many links.)

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