Modernize Windows Apps to the Web with WebMAP

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In this episode, Robert is joined by Dee Dee Walsh and John Browne of They show how you can use WebMap to transform your classic Windows app to the web, mobile devices and the cloud. 



The Discussion

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    Can you provide other platforms like WPF or UWP or Xamarin?

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    Market place addin for VS2015


    The puchase license/info page for VBUC:


    Q: Is VBUC as powerful as WebMAP? Does it use the same engine but out put .NetForms?

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    John Browne

    Thanks for the questions!

    1: (Can we migrate to/from UWP/Xamarin/WPF) Not at this time. Our product decisions are completely gated by market demand, and those are scenarios we haven't seen demand for up to now.

    2: (Does VBUC and WebMAP share the same engine): Not completely. WebMAP was built and then rebuilt from the ground up based on what we have learned with VBUC over a number of years and millions of lines of code migrated. They share some components and use similar approaches to parsing, analysis, and code gen however.

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    Great but this really doesn't encourage good design / coding if your mashing some old desktop app into the browser.  As a proof of concept, it's amazing.  Start from scratch and you'll end up with something way more maintainable and fit for purpose than this, I can imagine this sort of thing being peddled by a boss and thrown onto some junior member of staff to do over the weekend because the guy in the video shows how easy it is.  It's a 'no' from me.

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    Given it's pending demise, I wonder if Silverlight was on your roadmap.

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