Modernize Windows Apps to the Web with WebMAP

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    Can you provide other platforms like WPF or UWP or Xamarin?

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    Market place addin for VS2015


    The puchase license/info page for VBUC:


    Q: Is VBUC as powerful as WebMAP? Does it use the same engine but out put .NetForms?

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    John Browne

    Thanks for the questions!

    1: (Can we migrate to/from UWP/Xamarin/WPF) Not at this time. Our product decisions are completely gated by market demand, and those are scenarios we haven't seen demand for up to now.

    2: (Does VBUC and WebMAP share the same engine): Not completely. WebMAP was built and then rebuilt from the ground up based on what we have learned with VBUC over a number of years and millions of lines of code migrated. They share some components and use similar approaches to parsing, analysis, and code gen however.

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    Great but this really doesn't encourage good design / coding if your mashing some old desktop app into the browser.  As a proof of concept, it's amazing.  Start from scratch and you'll end up with something way more maintainable and fit for purpose than this, I can imagine this sort of thing being peddled by a boss and thrown onto some junior member of staff to do over the weekend because the guy in the video shows how easy it is.  It's a 'no' from me.

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    Given it's pending demise, I wonder if Silverlight was on your roadmap.

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