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In this episode Richard Lander from the .NET product team joins Dmitry to discuss the most recent release of .NET Core 2.0, Preview 2. We'll kick off the video by catching you up on what .NET Core is all about, and what is new both in 2.0 and more specifically in the Preview 2 release.

Richard will then demo various scenarios such as working with .NET Core 2 using Visual Studio for Mac, show its Docker support, demonstrate editing ASP.NET MVC Core pages hosted on kestrel web server and much more.

If you're not caught up on what the "2.0" release is all about, then this episode will get you ready as we head towards GA!






The Discussion

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    Nice talk and good explanation about the new things for .Net Core 2.0 and docker support for this version.

    I have a request; the last part (from ~51:00 to end) went rather quickly, can you maybe create a new presentation with a that content with some more detailed/slow explanation and demons?

    And as you said, there was no time to discuss .NETStandard 2.x, can you also create a new video explaining the new things there.

    And what I'm also interested in is a hands-on video on what's the best way to create a multi-framework project (with NuGet) in Visual Studio 2017 [15.3] I really interested at the vision and approach form Microsoft on this topic. Example like to aim for the lowest compatibility and how to mix the several Frameworks into 1 source-code base using #if defines in the code.


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    @StefH: Are you looking for more time spent on the multi-stage build stuff or the Docker stuff or both? :)

    We are definitely planning an episode on .NET Standard. Look for it in a month or so. 


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