.NET Core 2.0 – Preview 2

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The Discussion

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    Nice talk and good explanation about the new things for .Net Core 2.0 and docker support for this version.

    I have a request; the last part (from ~51:00 to end) went rather quickly, can you maybe create a new presentation with a that content with some more detailed/slow explanation and demons?

    And as you said, there was no time to discuss .NETStandard 2.x, can you also create a new video explaining the new things there.

    And what I'm also interested in is a hands-on video on what's the best way to create a multi-framework project (with NuGet) in Visual Studio 2017 [15.3] I really interested at the vision and approach form Microsoft on this topic. Example like to aim for the lowest compatibility and how to mix the several Frameworks into 1 source-code base using #if defines in the code.


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    @StefH: Are you looking for more time spent on the multi-stage build stuff or the Docker stuff or both? :)

    We are definitely planning an episode on .NET Standard. Look for it in a month or so. 


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