.NET Standard Revisited

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The Discussion

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    Colin Rhodes

    Great discussion of the differences between .NET standard, core, framework and all the other variants. Really cleared up some points for me.

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    Daniel Mackay

    Great video. Cleared up a lot for me also. Key takeway, is that .Net Standard class libraries, should be the new default, unless you have a good reason why not.

    For existing code, what is the best way to convert class libraries to .NET Standard? Is there any tooling for that?

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    @Robert, Would highly appreciate if you can dedicate one episode on Microsoft Azure for Beginner's.

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    "10, or 15 years from now" That made me smile

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    Jason Rosenthal

    How do they get around this in the Java world? If I were in change of designing .net. I would have only one and just increment that version number as new features are added. In other words, no core, silverlight, xamarin, or standard etc, just .net framework.

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