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There has been a lot of talk lately about .NET Standard, both in the community and on Channel 9. But there is also still confusion about it. In this episode, Kathleen Dollard clears up some of this confusion. She and Robert chat about why .NET Standard was created, as well as how and when you should take advantage of it. 




The Discussion

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    Colin Rhodes

    Great discussion of the differences between .NET standard, core, framework and all the other variants. Really cleared up some points for me.

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    Daniel Mackay

    Great video. Cleared up a lot for me also. Key takeway, is that .Net Standard class libraries, should be the new default, unless you have a good reason why not.

    For existing code, what is the best way to convert class libraries to .NET Standard? Is there any tooling for that?

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    @Robert, Would highly appreciate if you can dedicate one episode on Microsoft Azure for Beginner's.

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    "10, or 15 years from now" That made me smile

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    Jason Rosenthal

    How do they get around this in the Java world? If I were in change of designing .net. I would have only one and just increment that version number as new features are added. In other words, no core, silverlight, xamarin, or standard etc, just .net framework.

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