New Little Features in Visual Studio 2019

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The Discussion

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    I like the shorter format, BUT, Robert still needs to ask his questions. My experience has been that his questions are very insightful and add significant value to each episode.
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    I like the short condensed videos. Makes it easy for us to find specific topics.

    I also noticed that the Code Cleanup feature is not available for VB.NET projects. Will it be available for VB.NET projects in the future?

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    Robert Dunham

    Was really hoping to see more modern controls in the toolbox of vs19. I would like to see a ribbon bar, metro form, metro panels including backstage, updated richtextbox maybe something that at least mimics word 97. A scheduler control, multi column listbox, I was disappointed to find none of this.

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    I just want to know what Robert is looking at to his upper left when Mads is talking. :)

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    In my Visual Studio 2019, Copy from Clipboard is Ctrl + Shift + Ins, not Ctrl + Shift + V, and to change this I had to change the shortcut in the Tools -> Options menu.
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    This is good , I also like it when Robert talks a lot :)

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    If depended project is having other dependencies does it going to load automatically when I click on load dependencies on main project or I need to select load dependencies option on depended project as well?

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    Mads Kristensen
    Not at the moment. It's a feature the team has on their backlog
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    I love the filtered solution load, two thoughts:

    1: if the solution takes more than a second to load, why not provide a dialog to allow you to specify if you *really* want to load everything

    2: if solution has more than x projects show same dialog

    Obviously this behaviour would be configurable and easy to disable if desired, but it would go a long way to making VS2019 more proactive about loading only what's needed

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    irshad ahmad

    VS 2019 doesn't have Intellicode installed. Shall we install it from nuget?

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    David, I am looking at his screen. We now have a TV in front of us that shows what is on our computers. That way I don't have to turn around and watch the TV behind us. :)

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    Pankaj Nikam
    Hi Robert,

    I just wanted to thank you for being a good guide in my journey being a software developer. I have watched your videos from AppDev when I was just a newbie in development and learnt MSMQ from you :) Many of my friends were shocked in those days about the things I knew. All thanks to you :)

    Now coming to this day, I am still learning from you :) Familiar face and very happy to see the same Robert who taught me the basics and is still helping me. I am a huge fan of Visual Studio Toolbox and not able to comment. I thank you sincerely for all the help you have done to help me be a better developer.

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    Like the short version. But I want a part 2 with more features!!
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    Why isn't the code cleanup simply using the .editorconfig ?

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