New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015 and Blend

Play New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015 and Blend


In this episode, Seth Juarez guest hosts and is joined by Unni Ravindranathan, who shows off many of the improvements in XAML tooling in both Visual Studio 2015 and Blend for Visual Studio 2015. Some of these improvements are specific to Windows Universal Apps, but many are available to all XAML developers.

Among the features Unni shows and discusses are

  • a redesigned and more streamlined Blend [02:00]
  • a much faster and more robust editing experience as a result of rewriting the XAML language service using Roslyn and decoupling the language service from the designer [18:25]
  • inline peek definition in XAML enabling you to both view and edit code and XAML [20:20]
  • support for regions in XAML [24:25]
  • the Live Visual Tree and Live Property Explorer, which provide the ability to explore your object hierarchy and modify properties while debugging [26:45]
  • the Timeline Tool, which provides you with the ability to profile the performance of a XAML application [31:00]




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The Discussion

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    Will the new XAML features mean a new version of .net?
    Will the new features run on Windows 7?

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    And what about Silverlight ? Is it applicable ?

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    Carl Luna

    You guys took over half hour to explain how to draw a rectangle and a button? How about doing real things we, developers, want to know about? Why can't you just take time to create a simple app with a few controls and show us how the new States Manager really works?

    I've seen the same example repeated over and over again. This is getting really old now. Just build a damn app and get people excited about the new tools. 

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    @Carl Luna Love the idea: I will add it to my list.

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    Carl Luna's suggestion is really a good idea! I had the same idea while watching the video... Please create a "real" app and show us how to use Visual States features etc. in a new video!
    Great video, by the way!

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    A general comment.
    For once the description states:
    "Some of these improvements are specific to Windows Universal Apps, but many are available to all XAML developers."

    For many of the c9 videos about new features in Development tools and languages you are left wondering; great but will I get this in Universal, Silverlight, WPF, Forms, ... or is it only for the latest "flavour of the day" code stack.

    Still hope that the long needed XAML improvements made for Universal spreads to WPF and beyond... x:Bind, ...

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    If some of these XAML: improvements are nixed outside of Windows 10, how can you call them universal?

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    when can we have these new features especially the adaptive triggers on blend and relative panel IntelliSense? It's been two month without any update. Is VS 2015 RC2 coming soon?

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    Unni ​Ravindranat​han

    @Faical - please see this:


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    Thanks Unni. I already seen that. Will we be able to post to the store also by July 29th?



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    Nice overview guys of some killer features. For adaptive state triggers, can you have it trigger for a width range like between 720 and 1080. Don't quite understand how it works just by setting one value.

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    @Suave: You would create a trigger for 720 and then another one for 1080. The 720 trigger defines what happens between 720 and 1080.


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    @Carl Luna: Hear hear!  Exactly what I was thinking during it. 

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    Michael Ganesan

    I like the new feature of states as opposed to using storyboard. Much easier. I hated the concept of using storyboards. It was just tedious!

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    John Combalicer

    Carl Luna is correct, I even emailed Satya Nadella about the worst fate of windows developer watching talk show after talk show in channel 9 and Microsoft virtual academy it become 99% talk and 1% code.
    I even got several reply from different top people from Microsoft and even got a call but still the problem persist.
    I even showed them the organic learning principle to help developers learn faster with few talks but more example in my blog very soon I will write a book about all this experiences because it was frustrating to see Microsoft fall and developers moved to other new platform. I want to help Microsoft but I guess they want to continue the talk show. Even the reply on this post from Microsoft is very canned.

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    When will it be released? Where can it be downloaded?

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    @speedcoder: It released July 20. You can download VS Community 2015 and the VS Ultimate 2015 Trial here.


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