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In this episode, Robert is joined by Omer Raviv, who shows how the OzCode Visual Studio extension makes debugging C# code simple, easy and even fun. Omer demonstrates many magical debugging features, including a LINQ debugging experience, which makes learning and debugging functional code easier. He also shows an exclusive sneak-peek of OzCode v4 and unveils a new product which enables developers to collaborate on bug fixes through a web-based time-travelling debugger. 



The Discussion

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    Two comments:

    1. Really great software - absolutely amazing!

    2. I like the way you shifted between computer screen and presenters. The image in image was also good. I don't see any issues that would make it better.


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    Which do you use model dell pc?

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    trying to install mobdro on mac book pro 13in how do I do itHello I go about this process

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    I like the PiP as long as it isn't all the time; however, I'd either make the box smaller or do a green screen.

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    Very cool. Should be part of Visual Studio benefits at Enterprise level.

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    Great video Omer and Robert. The extension looks like it adds considerable value. I also enjoyed the PIP.


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