Performance Profiling Part 2: Choosing the right tool

Play Performance Profiling Part 2: Choosing the right tool

The Discussion

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    The two above links are broken:

    Run profiling tools with or without the debugger
    Optimize Profiler Settings

    Can you please update them?

    Thank you,

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    In a future video, can you please have 3 or 4 scenarios that developers encounter and would use the performance tools you have given an overview of?


    Scenario One
    show the code we think we are having a problem with, now use the tools to help diagnose.

    Scenario Two
    Use the tool to discover a HOT problem, then go to the code, fix it, then resume profiling to verify the fix.


    Great tools for sure, congratulations!

    Thank you for considering this request.

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    @karl1406: Thanks for pointing that out. Links are now fixed.
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    Trond Andersen

    I see that the .NET perf counter tool is disabled in my 16.7.2 install. What are the requirements for running the .NET Perf counter tool?

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