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In this episode, Robert is joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows off the Visual Studio 2017 version of the Productivity Power Tools, a collection of 15 extensions that provide additional features for the Visual Studio IDE. Justin covers:

  • Productivity Power Tools installation[03:30]
  • Align Assignments[12:00]: Aligns assignment statements by typing Ctrl+Alt+] 
  • Copy As Html[13:35]: Provides support for the HTML Clipboard format when cutting for copying code from the editor
  • Ctrl+Click GoTo Definition[15:40]: Enables clickable hyperlinks to symbols in source code in your code by holding down the Ctrl key when hovering with the mouse
  • Custom Document Well[18:45]: Allows users to change the behavior of their document tabs 
  • Double-Click Maximize[22:00]: Maximize any docked window by double-clicking its title bar and restore/dock by double-clicking again 
  • Editor Guidelines[22:45]: Draws a vertical line in the code editor to remind developers that their full line of code or comments may not fit one a single screen 
  • Fix Mixed Tabs [25:25]: Helps to manage the whitespace inside your document and assists in keeping consistency in the use of tabs and spaces 
  • Match Margin[28:10]: Highlights all the textual matches of token at the caret location in the Editor 
  • Middle-Click Scroll[29:08]: Enables you to press down on your scroll wheel and move the mouse to quickly scroll through your document 
  • Peek Help[30:05]: Brings up the F1 Help content inline in the editor 
  • Power Commands for Visual Studio[31:40]: A set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio IDE, including Remove and Sort Usings, Copy Path and Open Command Prompt 
  • Quick Launch Tasks[34:40]: Provides easy access to commonly used options (EG: toggling line numbers) as well as popular functionality (EG: collapsing/expanding regions)   
  • Shrink Empty Lines[36:15]: Shrinks lines that contain neither letters nor numbers by 25% vertically, allowing more lines to be displayed in the editor 
  • Solution Error Visualizer[38:00]: Adds error, warning, and message squiggles to Solution Explorer 
  • Time Stamp Margin[40:25]: Adds the timestamp information to the Output Window in Debug mode 




The Discussion

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    In the Community version of Visual Studio, I am just seeing "Productivity Power Tools 2017" listed in the installed extension list (I do not see the individual tools). In the Enterprise version, I am seeing both as seen in the video.

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    @burrowsMVP: I just installed them in Community and I see them all installed individually. If you select Tools | Reset Productivity Power Tools, does that solve this? 


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    @rogreen:Yes, resetting did the trick ... thanks ... bill

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    Amazing tools for developers congratulations!!

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    Great Tools ! But unfortunetly it crashes VS2017 while opening solution

    se more here:

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    Slava Drozd

    Great demo - very hands on, up to the point! Awesome tools! Bring more of these.
    Keep it up guys, your efforts are much appreciated.

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    For what reason was the structure visualiser in the map mode scroll bar dropped from PPT in 2017? It was the best feature of PPT 2015. Everything else in 2017 is pretty great, but this makes me sad.

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    Are there any Productivity Tools features that are absent from ReSharper for Visual Studio 2017?

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