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    I would keep in mind that .NET Core is probably still bleeding edge to the majority of software companies out there. In the Microsoft culture, I'm sure things move at the speed of light. Every 2-3 years platforms change, products move mountains, but so many companies the underlying technology is not the priority, but sales are. This means that most executives could care less if you're running Web Forms or AspNetCore. The companies that stay bleeding edge are doing things right though, and probably have the right application architecture in place to move the platform specific code to the new platforms regularly. Most companies and developers in my experience have not had this luxury. Where I work, I am working on building out this platform for an existing large enterprise application that was written in AspClassic, but it is a huge undertaking.

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    @DeadX07: Absolutely true. While we enjoy demoing our latest bleeding edge bits, we still support all of our previous products as well. We have a lot of ASP.NET Webforms, Winforms, WPF, and Silverlight users who use our products day-to-day. Progress (Telerik) still has 3 releases each year for those products.

    When we release a new control, for example the Spreadsheet, it was also added to the ASP.NET Webforms product (Telerik UI for AJAX). This year we added Conversational UI to AJAX, WPF, and Winforms as well as the bleeding edge platforms.


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