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In this episode, Robert is joined by Jerry Nixon, who shows us Template 10, a set of Visual Studio project templates for Windows 10 apps. Template 10 provides a number of controls (eg Hamburger), services (eg Navigation), converters (eg StringFormat and ValueWhen), MVVM classes and more. Why write your own when you can use the ones Template 10 provides? If you are writing Windows 10 apps, you should look at using Template 10, or at least look at the code and see how it does what it does.



XAML, Windows 10



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The Discussion

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    Template 10 is great but only 10 minutes of the 1 hour video talks about how to use. It might be great if there is another video which shows details on how to use the template. A possible programmer's guide.

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    @joeleeme: That is a good idea. I will put something together for a future show.


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    Great one - loved the analysis of the products - wrote my Hamburger model to follow Groove instead of News - Kool factor is bigger.  I got bitten by the 204/586 dysfunction as well. Great show Robert and Jerry

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    @rogreen:Jerry twittered there is a course coming on MSVirtAcademy Tweet of Jerry

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    @iTeeZZZ , @rogreen: I would also love an MVA course on T10.

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    Excellent talk, thank you!

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    "'XAMLless': WinForms programmers guide to WPF"!

    There's a new set of videos or an MVA course! Love the idea. 'The Designer Only' method, to begin with, then introduce Object Oriented concepts e.g. Controls where extensibility properties of 'Parent' project or can be overridden by children etc.

    There's a draw card into the modern era from the XAML wary developer :)

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    Montray Davis

    This video is extremely helpful! Thanks! :)

    Also, I really LOVE the xamless idea, and using just blender!

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    Holy crap.. This video is a gem! I would like to see more like this, what i liked most was the few demonstrations of Template 10 and would like to see more examples building UWA with Template 10.

    I echo what others said above, that only about 10 minutes were practical and useful. However the video brought a lot of credibility to Template 10 simply by getting to know you guys. Especially Jerry Nixon the author of Template 10.

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    This sounds great and all, but I just created a template 10 Hamburger project, then hit F5 - no changes at all - and the resulting error list contains 634 errors. As an inexperienced developer, I'm not even thinking about being up to the challenge of fixing that.

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