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    disillusion​ed developer

    Nice talk. Awesome to learn that great concepts like Regions might actually make it over to Prism for WinRT. I never understood why Microsoft expected developers using Prism for WPF to almost start from scratch with Prism/WinRT.

    Thank you Brians. Keep up the good work.

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    Very interesting talk.  I'm glad to see that Prism is getting some traction once again.

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    Thank you new Prism Team and Visual Studio Toolbox for this awesome discussion!  I am just starting to learn Xamarin Forms, and I'm totally with you guys on the "no code behind" perspective when creating Xaml based UI. I've not used Prism before; learning it was somewhere down the line on my To-Do list.

    Your short presentation on Prism for Xamarin Forms rocketed Prism in my To-Do list right up to the top ... and now I'm using it with confidence going forward.

    I followed along your demo project with my own here using Xamarin Studio on a Mac. One thing you didn't show was the super simple "GoBackEvent" class hiding in your Events folder. Without this, the project as built from what you did show in this presentation will not compile.

    For others who were following along with Brian Lagunas in this demo, simply add an Events folder to your main project, and define the class as
    public class GoBackEvent : Prism.Events.PrismEvent<string> { }
    (I gleaned this bit of missing info from Brian's blog entitled "First Look at the Prism for Xamarin.Forms Preview" which provides a very similar walk through.)

    Thanks guys! It's great to see Prism support for Xamarin Forms!

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    Brian Lagunas

    @BabbleBits: Thanks for watching and I am happy to hear you are finding value in Prism.  Yes, I didn't mention the Events folder in the demo due to time constraints.  Also, just a heads up, the PrismEvent class is being renamed back to PubSubEvent.  So when you upgrade to the next version, you can expect to go rename PrismEvent in your projects.  Be sure to let us know what features we need to be thinking of or adding as you use Prism for Xamarin.Forms.

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    Value that Prism offers is immense...  far too many developers have constructed "big ball of mud" without any code structure.  Prism provides simple way to apply proven patterns and practices for building extensible, module and maintainable .NET application that can evolve with requirements, and withstand test of time.  Having architectural guidance such as Prism improves image of solutions build in .NET.   Application without necessary code structure look like a product written by struggling amateur.

    Practicing concepts contained in Prism library, help me to build better server side code (modularity, component discovery), and be more effective software developer.  I consider Prism essential part of any professional .NET application developer toolbox!

    Very glad to hear about potential of Regions available on WinRT and Forms.

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