Time Travel Debugging

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In this episode, Robert is joined by Mark Downie, who shows us Time Travel Debugging. provides the ability to record a Web app running on a Azure Virtual Machine (VM) and then accurately reconstruct and replay the execution path. You can record code executed in production and replay the execution path inside Visual Studio. TTD also gives you the ability to move forward and backwards in time as if you were performing "inner loop" debugging locally.



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The Discussion

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    S Richardson

    Brilliant feature but would really like to see it available for Azure logic apps and functions.

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    I can see this being a useful tool, but until you support App Services rather than VMs it isn't worth trying out.
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    Thanks for the feedback! We are looking at a variety of Azure Scenarios to expand into with TTD.
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    Bunch of questions...

    1. Where does it get the source?
    2. Does there have to be a debug build on the server? Or release with pdbs?
    3. Is there any server side setup that has to be done to be able to attach?
    4. Is this limited to sites running on VMs on Azure? Or will it work with sites running on a VM on AWS?

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