UI Tests for Desktop and UWP Apps

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    Good video.  Thank you for sharing.

    Is CodedUI the preferred way to do testing of apps in Windows 7 then?  But for Windows 10, we would start using WinAppDriver?

    For CI/CD of web UIs, we're currently using test cases in Azure DevOps (VSTS) that our test automation code links to (the test case is called, which will run the code linked to it).  In order to put WinAppDriver into a pipeline, we would need to do something similar, correct?

    CodedUI required VS enterprise edition.  Does WinAppDriver have any similar requirements?  Since most is open source, it should be good with Community edition?

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    WinAppDriver is the recommend solution for app testing on Windows 10. For Windows 7, CodedUI support will be limited but will continue to be the preferred way for app testing.   

    VSTS Test Tools Roadmap (this hasn't changed much from 2016):

    Coded UI is a fully supported feature. With the WebDriver becoming a W3C standard, we are actively encouraging customers to use Selenium for web-apps and with the WinAppDriver becoming available for Windows apps, to use Appium for Windows apps. As such, our investments in Coded UI will be selective and limited to supporting customers on any issues they encounter. We will be improving our support for authoring and running WebDriver based Selenium and Appium tests.


    We're currently in talks with the DevOps team to simply the process of integrating with WinAppDriver. Though as of right now, you can employ the use of custom agents to set WinAppDriver up in a CI/CD environment.


    WinAppDriver isn't open-sourced itself, though samples / tests (using WinAppDriver) and supplementary tools are and available on our GitHub repo.

    To specifically answer your question, WinAppDriver can work with any IDE,  whether it's Visual Studio Community/Professional/Enterprise, or whether if it's Eclipse, Python, and so forth.

    This is due to WinAppDriver being based on an open standard (Web Driver), and as such the Test Writing part is abstracted away from the Test Runner part (WinAppDriver/Appium server), allowing you to use any language/IDE/platform you want to remotely or locally drive automation on your Windows 10 target device.

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    What's the strategy for cross-platform testing of Xamarin.Forms apps, that run on Android, iOS and UWP (and possibly WPF)? UITest does Android and iOS, but currently not UWP (or WPF). Is there any plan to either make WinAppDriver do Android and iOS, or UITest to do UWP (and WPF), or another tool altogether?

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