Unit Testing: Test Driven and Scenario Based Testing

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This is the first of a four part series, recorded this summer, where Robert is joined by Phil Japikse to discuss unit testing. This series expands on the 2017 Unit Testing episode. In this episode, Robert and Phil take a deep dive into the details and philosophy of Test Driven Development (TDD), including demonstrating a glorious failure that proves out the benefit of writing tests around your code. Next, they discuss scenario based testing with xUnit, re-using a single unit test to cover multiple use cases for the system under test.


Episodes in this series:





The Discussion

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    Dom Sinclair

    Great episode, looking forward to the rest. Shame the Audio and Video are out of sync.

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    Thank you for the great show. Visual Studio toolbox  is actually the only thing in my Podcast player i am watching and not just listening. So in addendum to help me get my head around  unit testing you made me laugh. Keep up the good work.

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    @Dom Sinclair: Thanks for letting us know about this. We fixed the issues and improved the sound quality and reuploaded the video. 

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Guys, I really appreciate that you try to teach and to share knowledge, but come on.

    You look like 3 years old if you don't prepare your presentation and struggle around because you haven't understood the integer devision (which is not special from C# but common in many languages) and if you haven't understood the OPERATOR "??" and its evaluation order - that is where you get a 5 instead of 15 because the (a1??0 + a2??0) <=> (a1)??(0+a2??0) => (left expression) ?? (right expression). And if a1 is not null so nothing on the right hand is evaluated and you get your 5 instead of 15.

    Then again the NAME conventions for method names are horribly. I don't expect Phil Japikse to be the expert of Software Development but if you are coaching about Software Development, please take care about the details and prepare your presentation. 

    I have had my fun here to see HOW NOT to implement code. And again it is easy to criticize than to make it yourself. But here we have seen a really bad example of preparation and lack of knowledge. 

    Improve yourself!

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    Time wasted

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