Unit Testing: Test Driven and Scenario Based Testing

Play Unit Testing: Test Driven and Scenario Based Testing

The Discussion

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    Dom Sinclair

    Great episode, looking forward to the rest. Shame the Audio and Video are out of sync.

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    Thank you for the great show. Visual Studio toolbox  is actually the only thing in my Podcast player i am watching and not just listening. So in addendum to help me get my head around  unit testing you made me laugh. Keep up the good work.

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    @Dom Sinclair: Thanks for letting us know about this. We fixed the issues and improved the sound quality and reuploaded the video. 

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Guys, I really appreciate that you try to teach and to share knowledge, but come on.

    You look like 3 years old if you don't prepare your presentation and struggle around because you haven't understood the integer devision (which is not special from C# but common in many languages) and if you haven't understood the OPERATOR "??" and its evaluation order - that is where you get a 5 instead of 15 because the (a1??0 + a2??0) <=> (a1)??(0+a2??0) => (left expression) ?? (right expression). And if a1 is not null so nothing on the right hand is evaluated and you get your 5 instead of 15.

    Then again the NAME conventions for method names are horribly. I don't expect Phil Japikse to be the expert of Software Development but if you are coaching about Software Development, please take care about the details and prepare your presentation. 

    I have had my fun here to see HOW NOT to implement code. And again it is easy to criticize than to make it yourself. But here we have seen a really bad example of preparation and lack of knowledge. 

    Improve yourself!

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    Time wasted

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