Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

Play Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

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    Great topic! I have learned something new today. Glad that I have recently followed @ch9 on twitter. 

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    The bad thing is that unlike in all other programming frameworks such as Java, JavaScript, Objective C, Python, you name it, this functionality is provided for free or can be easily achieved. For .NET you have to buy Visual Studio Primium Edition and above. I think that requiring me to pay so much for this feature is problematic because unit testing with mocks is such an essential need in today's software development.

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    @nektar: to be fair, you can build fakes and mocks in any version of Visual Studio, this is just an easier way to do it, a framework to make it easier. Understand that you'd like to have it for free, but I don't want other readers to think that doing unit testing with mocks is impossible outside of VS Ultimate. Channel 9 uses fakes in our unit tests, and we don't use any framework for this outside of dependency injection. Other frameworks do exist as well that have no VS-version requirement (such as http://hibernatingrhinos.com/oss/rhino-mocks)

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    Using Thread.Sleep mixed with Tasks and specially using Thread.Sleep for waiting for a task to end show you need to learn a lot about Tasks and TAP.

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