Using Azure Mobile Services in a Windows 8 App

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    Hate to tell you this, but your sample app didn't display any data from your mobile service.  We'll just take your word for it Smiley

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    Phrozen - Are you talking about the sample app in the link? If so did you configure it with your own service key in step #7?

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    Did you create a new Azure Mobile Service first? Did you add a Customer table and a Project table on the Azure portal? Did you replace the code in App.xaml.cs that connects to the service? Is the call to ResetData uncommented in the OnLaunched method in App.xaml.cs?

    If the answer to those is yes, comment out ResetData and run the app again. Does data appear this time?


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    Paul Batum

    Hi Robert,

    Great video!

    To query the customers table by ID and only get one result back, you can use customerTable.LookupAsync(customerId) - this will throw an exception if it fails to find a record with the specified ID so its more like Single rather than SingleByDefault.

    You mentioned that you want SingleOrDefault, but the code in your constructor assumes that you have a valid reference, so this makes me think that LookupAsync is exactly what you want (better to get an exception that says "no customer with ID: 999 found" than simply a NullReferenceException).

    One more tip: don't refresh the entire Azure portal when you just want to see if your data has been saved! There is a refresh button on the bottom of the page when you have the browse tab open. Its much faster Smiley

    Hope this helps,


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    Atif Shahzad

    Nice Robert great technology i have a question regarding Master details table as you know in real world we have alot of tables related to each other and the most basic challenge is to tackle the reference id between them.

    For instance we have two tables Order and Order Details 

    we create Order at client side with multiple Order Details for that we need Order ID to reference each record in Order Details table so is there any way to embed Order Entity into Order Details and insert only one query operation and Service handle the ID automatically as we do in SL RIA Services or etc..


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    What's the easiest way to sync local SQLite tables with AzMo SQL tables say daily, with filters?

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    @ Robert Green

    I'm a longtime follower and have enjoyed your programs for a while now; keep up the good work.

    I have a problem I'm going to post here.  I'm trying hard to make the Test Driven Design approach.  I use VS2012 all day every day but I only use 30% - 40% of the stuff that I know is there.  It's also hard to gain traction in the organization with no other subject matter experts.

    I would like to use 80-90% of VS but it's not currently possible without knowing the best practices.

    What I mean by 80%-90% is

    a) Identify all of my problems / items that are needed to produce a piece of software
    b) Create the items in TFS as Requirements / work items / Bugs
    c) Create a project inside TFS 
    d) Tie the software to the Requirements
    e) Complete iteration 1 using Kanban board
    f) Be able to use Test Cases / Unit Tests
    g) Be able to use the Test Manager

    My problem is such, I can get started on most if not all of these, but I don't have a series of videos that I can watch for 1 or 2 days take about 3 to 4 hours to familiarize my self with how to tie them all to gether as a ONE MAN shop and complete 1 or 2 projects, so that I can become the subject mater expert and then start implementing this across multiple teams.

    Is there a series out there that will point me in the right direction or can you and Clint Rukus / Brian Keller create something like this?


    I have all of the pieces but I'm having trouble bringing it all together.

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    Found this Sync agent. Can it be used with SQLite?

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