Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms

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Robert welcomes James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin, back on the show for another series on building cross-platform apps with Xamarin and C#. In this episode, part one of four, we take a look at Xamarin.Forms, a cross-platform UI toolkit that sits on top of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Windows Phone. We will see how to share not only the business logic of an application, but also how to build a fully native cross-platform UI completely in XAML, including features such as data binding, styles, and triggers.




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    For everyone else watching.. Here are the code samples from this video


    Question : How does plugins for Xamarin relate to the Xamarin.Mobile component?

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    Shirin D

    Hi James!

    I am watching your video in order to learn about what Xamarin does. Today I have a phone meeting with Mallory. I have to say, for someone who has never made an application, I found your explanation and displays very easy to understand. I was so excited when I saw the user interface results on the different phones. Yayyyyy!


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    Thanks a lot for doing some more cross platform stuff, much appreciated!

    I know the focus nowadays lies on mobile. But the same problem that Xamarin Forms solves still exists on desktop applications as well. Luckily there's some cool open source alternatives when you want to target, say Windows desktop + Mac desktop (w/ Cocoa) and Linux desktop. I use Eto.Forms for example.

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    Hey everyone! Feel free to ask or tweet me any questions. 

    Here is the source code from the show:

    @scyonx: Plugins can also be components, but they focus on a complete cross platform API that can be accessed from a PCL or Shared Code Project. A full list and breakdown can be found on our github page:

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    Hi James, Thanks a a lot. Xamarin.Form seems great. But I think it definitely needs a designer for laying widgets out. I developed some android apps with native approach so I should say that designing interfaces with native approach is a real pain :) But I think with Xamarin.Form I can also design great UI interfaces for other platforms.

    Thank you again :)

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    Hi James

    This is incredible - thanks! This has inspired me to take the plunge with Xamarin development for our next app.

    The Plugins look great, especially Text to Speech! Can you tell me if there is any support for Speech to Text (dictation) natively or in any upcoming plugins?

    Thanks again


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    Hi James!

    Thank you, the video is very helpful.
    One question, da talking about Xamarin forms for quick fix apps and prototyping. Do I understand you correctly, that you would recommend Nativ forms for more production applications?


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    There was a short mentioning of cloud services for building on Ios. Any link for that?

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    @JamesMontemagno is Xamarin forms ready for prime time? I read about it not long ago from the Xamarin book where I feel like it's not quite ready for advanced mobile development as it suggests that it's great for prototyping and such.

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    For anyone who wants the code samples for this Xamarin.Forms video:

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    Dave F

    Great Job James!

    I purchased Xamarin last July and was turned off by the lack of IntelliSense support which I was so pleased to see it finally arrive. Nice demo and it was nice to see how far Xamarin came in 6 months!


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    Xamarin Forms are SWEEEEEET! I'm getting an urge to do more mobile now :)

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