Virtualization for Developers

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There's always new stuff to play with, whether a preview version of Windows, a CTP of Visual Studio, or a prerelease of an upcoming version of ASP.NET or Entity Framework. Getting ahead of the curve and learning early sounds great, but how do you do it? You don't want to install these early bits on your production machine and you may not have spare machines lying around.

In this episode, Brian Randall shows us how virtualization provides the solution. Brian demonstrates how to create and manage multiple virtual machines and provides a variety of tips and tricks as well as best practices. If you want to hear from an expert on how virtualization means a better life for developers, check out this episode.



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The Discussion

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    That was Simply superb. Well, Robert make my words "You have made almost every DEV understand, what Virtualization can do for him/her". Great Video.

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    Recently I got a new MB in my PC.

    I tried to check -> Control panel > Windows feature add remove. first option is already select and 2nd "Hyper-v plateform" is show me "disabled in firmware".

    I thing it has been disable in BIos. It's Gigabyte h61. any idea to solve it.

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    What is your CPU model?

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    I am looking for some information how to get the Virtual Switch manager to work in Hyper-V.. I tried to create an external switch, but it shut down internet connection for my host OS. I don't know how to do internet sharing on Windows 8 Pro. My guest OS is Windows XP. My guest OS has a blank IPConfig.

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