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    That was Simply superb. Well, Robert make my words "You have made almost every DEV understand, what Virtualization can do for him/her". Great Video.

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    Recently I got a new MB in my PC.

    I tried to check -> Control panel > Windows feature add remove. first option is already select and 2nd "Hyper-v plateform" is show me "disabled in firmware".

    I thing it has been disable in BIos. It's Gigabyte h61. any idea to solve it.

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    What is your CPU model?

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    I am looking for some information how to get the Virtual Switch manager to work in Hyper-V.. I tried to create an external switch, but it shut down internet connection for my host OS. I don't know how to do internet sharing on Windows 8 Pro. My guest OS is Windows XP. My guest OS has a blank IPConfig.

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